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    Welcome to the Beetle Forum! Why does the world need a beetle forum? There are dog forums, domesticated cat forums, roach and mantid forums! There are 1,032,000 species of animals on this planet. 4,000 of these are mammals. 98,500 are flies. 112,000 are butterflies and moths. 103,000 species are ants, bees and wasps (and their Hymenoptera relatives). The most diverse groups of animals on the planet Earth are BEETLES, weighing in at 290,000 species!!! At 28%, that's over a quarter of all known animals species! (Statistics taken from "The Diversity of Life" by Edward O. Wilson. 1992. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts.) We have begun to share the link with a few people, but will not be announcing the forum to the general internet-bug public until we recruit a few more moderators to help us manage the community. YOU can REALLY help us out by posting any questions or replies that come to your mind. New forums are extremely difficult to launch. Currently active topics and new topics are essential in building a momentum that can lead to a self-sustaining community. We are still seeking some assisstance in moderating this forum. If you are interested in helping out in this leadership position, please PM (private message) a short letter of intent to Peter or Orin (administrators). This is a volunteer position that involves keeping the community family friendly and ensures that posts are placed in the proper categories. Fluency in English is required, though we do want to cater to the world beetle community and international moderators are also desired! Thanks for visiting our community!